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Meeting Casey Neistat and Jerome Jarre

We stood in line for over two hours and met one of Lalo’s biggest inspirations. Lalo wasn’t there.

We found out Casey Neistat was going to be in Anaheim for VidCon, so Lalo and I planned to go. As the time got closer, Lalo was having trouble getting out of work so I made my way to the park Casey has announced for the meet & greet. This was the first meet and greet he’d ever done. He served pizza, shot t-shirts out of guns and asked everyone to line up along the third base line of the baseball field. We stood in the outfield, waiting our turn. Evelyn, you were wonderful. Patient despite the heat, and perfectly wary of all the people around us so you didn’t wander off. We saw Ben Barnes, Dev from Catfish, and Jerome Jarre. When Jerome approached you, the first thing he said was, “look at how cute you are!” He pinched your cheeks and asked you “how you got to be so cute.” No missing a beat, you answered: “I was born this way.” When he pulled out his phone and started taking selfies with you, you smiled for the camera while he said “I want to adopt you, you’re so cute, is that okay” You agreed. Then he asked to take a video, saying “this is for your new mommy.” He’d crossed your line. You shouted “No! I have a Mommy and I want to stay with her.” It was the perfect banter with a very genuinely nice man.

Casey came next. I was obviously nervous, so in the video, my voice is strange, but I managed to ask Casey to record a message for Lalo. He said, “this too shall pass,” encouraging Lalo to keep going and keep creating despite any challenges. He posed for pictures with you, and we left walking on air. It was a great experience and I’m so glad I trusted you to be patient and we decided the wait.


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