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Embracing All Sides

Growing up I was always caught between being defined as a “tomboy” and being a girl’s girl. While I loved crafting and cooking with my mother, I was just as happy, playing basketball or other outdoor games with the boys. I distinctly remember wishing I had many of the scrapes and scars they had and being jealous of the athleticism that seemed to come so easily to them. I’ve always loved fashion and getting dressed up on special occasions, but it wasn’t until I really grew into myself that I started to truly embrace the “girly” side of myself.

Having, you my daughter at the young age of twenty forced me into growing in a lot of ways, including accepting all side of myself. Like me, you are both what is called a “tomboy” and girly girl. You loves to wrestle with her cousin and steal his action figures and even his shorts, but you also very much enjoy having your nails and hair done and you beg me to let you wear my makeup (which of course terrifies me).

My wish is that you are able to avoid that awkward stage when you’re forced to decide which part of herself you prefer. I want you to be comfortable with everything that being a girl means, and I want you to understand that it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to choose yourr interests accordingly.


Evelyn's Fifth Birthday

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